How to Ride an Electric Scooter: Beginner’s Guide

Scooters are more affordable than ever and it is the ideal time to try one out. The scooters will come in diverse sizes and shapes. The electric scooters are constructed for riders of different skill levels. The powerful models of electric scooters can be hard to control and maneuver while there are those less powerful models that are easy to ride.

Are electric scooters easy to ride?

Riding an electric scooter is not hard. It is just like riding a bike. However, you need to take necessary precaution so that you don’t harm yourself. Also, you need to acquire necessary skills to ride your scooter safely.

How to Start Riding

Firstly, you require finding a safe place to practice your skills. The best place to practice riding is parking lots and back roads. They offer a spacious place for you to exercise. Avoid any form of uneven terrain and bike paths. Additionally, avoid riding in any form of traffic or crowded places.

Basic Steps

  • To ride, unlock your scooter by flipping the latch that is located in the handle at the base of the steering column raising it in an upright location.
  • Press on the switch and power up your scooter. In case your scooter has a LED display, check on the data, particularly the battery life pointer.
  • The handbrakes are found on the handlebars. Most electric scooter brakes are very sensitive and you need to go easy on them until you become familiar with your electric scooter.
  • The throttle increases or lessens the power of your scooter. To get started, you should knock the throttle and you’re off. Always, ensure that you maintain low speed when you’re leaning to avoid falling on the first day.
  • Use the hand or foot break once you’re ready to stop. Always remember to power the scooter off if you’ve reached your destination.
  • Next, you should fold your scooter back up and engage the latch and you’ll be done.
  • Practicing with a Partner

Do you’ve a friend who has experience in riding a scooter? It is time that you hit them up and ask them if they can practice with you. If they agree, the opportunity can help you acquire vital skills and they can teach you something about electric scooters.

  • Safety

Safety first is an old adage that still applies when you’re riding your electric scooter. Always ensure that your head is protected using a helmet and other protective gears. Ensure that you wear a built tough helmet to protect your head.

  • Charging

Before you take your scooter out for a ride, ensure that it’s fully charged. Also, ensure that you can cover the distance you intend to travel with your electric scooter with the available power.

  • Brakes

Electric scooters come with powerful brakes. Familiarize yourself with the brake system and their sensitivity before you start riding the machine at top gear.

  • Ride Slowly

It is normal to be tempted to throttle and experience the ecstasy of high speed. In case, you’re learning how to ride an electric scooter, ensure that you ride at low speed before you’re confident in your braking abilities and riding skills. Balancing can become hard if you’re at top speed and you need to practice more.

  • In the Occasion of an Accident

Even the most accomplished scooter rider will fall time and again. Remember not to panic in case you’re about to fall. Don’t grasp the throttle as this will only change the situation from bad to worse. Alternatively, simply let go of everything you’re holding and jump away from the electric scooter. Focus on getting away from the danger and don’t attempt to protect your scooter.


Riding an adult electric scooter isn’t that complicated. However, you will need to work on your balance and become familiar with your machine. Always wear protective gears while riding and exercise patience. Lastly, go slow at first and you can increase your speed as you progress.