7 Features of Best Golf Stand Bags

A golfer who is regularly in the golf course knows the significance of owning a good golf bag. The bag helps you to carry your golf accessories easily and comfortably. If you don’t own the best golf bag, you will end up tired and frustrated. A stand golf bag is a type of golf bag that is popular with those golfers who prefer walking on the course rather than riding on a golf course.

It is essential that you buy a golf bag with essential features so that you enjoy your game and get value for the money. Due to the multiple choices of stand golf bags on the market, it can be difficult to select the golf bags. Therefore, we have offered you the following guide to help you buy the best stand golf bag.

Buyer’s Guide: Top Golf Stand Bag

  • Weight

Weight is a major consideration when you’re looking for the best golf bag to purchase. If you’re going to carry bag for 18 holes then you need to ensure its light. The golf stand bag should weigh about 5 lbs. Also, to ensure that your bag stays light, it is important that you carry only what is necessary.

  • Golf strap

The carrying strap of the golf bags needs to be very comfy. The straps should big and wide to cover your shoulders to ensure that it doesn’t hurt you while you’re carrying it.

  • Storage

A bag should have sufficient pockets to store anything that you need to have in your bag. It is vital to have a bag that has different types of pockets such as lined pockets to keep your valuables and a cooler pocket to keep your beverage cold.

  • Stand Bag Legs

A stand bag comes with two retractable legs that help to keep your bags upright and makes you access the golf clubs or any other item in the bag easily. Also, the legs protect the bag from stains and other forms of dirt.

  • Dividers

A good golf bag should carry about 14 clubs. The dividers should be full-length to avoid your expensive bags from smashing and damaging. Just make sure that you select a golf bag with several dividers.

  • Durability

There is no need of buying a light bag when it won’t last long. A good golf bag should be sturdy and made of good materials such as polyester and nylon. Also, check that the quality of the stand, zips, straps, and handles is good.

  • Price

It is no doubt that golf is a costly game and most of the accessories may be expensive. It is my belief that you don’t require a cool golf bag to play well. However, avoid those very cheap brands that you will need to replace time form time. A bag costing about $150-300 is great for your game.

Final Thought

The article has offered you with essential features that your bag needs to be efficient. There are other things such as bag cover, umbrella, drink holders that you need for your bag. Instead of buying the accessories separately, ensure you buy a bag with all those features.