Guide on different types of tile saws

Guide on different types of tile saws

A tile saw is a very important tool for someone who has a bathroom or kitchen tiling job. They are used to cut tiles efficiently and accurately into different shapes that can fit at the edges or corners. Some tile saws have a specific use like cutting ceramic or porcelain tiles whereas others are more versatile i.e. they are capable of cutting stone tiles and other hardy materials.

How tile saw works

A tile saw is made up of a circular blade disc with diamond tipping to make it tough for cutting hard materials like ceramic for a long period. These tools are capable of splitting tiles by grinding them in what is known as circular motion.

There are different types of tiles saws each having its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, wet tile saw tile saws have a small pipe on their blade that releases water as the saw cuts the tiles. Most tile saws have this feature whereas others do not have however, you can buy a water pump, which can be installed on the tile saw.

Anothervariation in different types of tile saws is that some have a sliding tabletop that is capable of making accurate and precise cuts with ease. Due to heat and friction, it is not recommended to make dry cutting on tiles. It is also hard to control dust particles without water flowing on the tile.

Different types of tile saws

Tiles saws just like other power tools they have various types of purposes. Some are specifically designed to be able to withstand hard and rigorous tasks while others are suitable for lighter tasks at home. When buying the best tile saw below are some examples that you are likely to find on the market.

Handheld Wet Tile Saw

Mostly, handheld wet tile saws are suitable for performing small tiling jobs. Just like one a typical tile saw, these tools come with a blade tipped with diamond. They also have a continuous water flow system that controls the dust particles to prevent friction and blade overheating.

It is also important to note that not all the handheld tile saws have a water system. They are designed in a way that they are capable of withstanding heat while making cuts.

Overhead tile saw

Just as the name suggests, the blade of an overhead tile saw stays in position as the blade grinds down a tile. When using tile saws, the operator has more control. It is easy to make precise and accurate cuts on tiles.

Some overhead tile saws have a water pump while others do not have to depend on the brand. Other brands also have illuminating lights so that they can provide light on the workpiece that you are cutting.

Score and snap tile cutters

Unlike tile saws, these tools are manually operated. When operating score and snap tile cutters the person cutting the tiles must place the tile on a machine and then drag a scoring wheel in order to indicate the cut that you want to make. A heel assembly is then used to cut or snap tile completely separate the tile along with the marked cut.

This is the cheapest method for cutting tiles. It is important to note that the scoring wheel must be clean often in order to be able to make accurate cuts.

Tabletop wet tile saw

There are two main variations of wet tile saws i.e. fixed and sliding. The main difference between the two is that fixed wet tile saw rely on the tile being pushed towards the blade while sliding wet tile saw is more precise and professional in cutting because the tile is secured in a fixed position.

Continuous water flow system in tabletop wet tile saws keeps the blade lubricated and cool in order to control the dust from spreading.

The cost of buying a fixed tabletop saw is cheaper compared with that of a sliding wet saw, therefore, most buyers go for the fixed tabletop.


There are various types of tile saws and before you make any purchase, it is very important to know what you are looking for and understand your needs.