The best skateboard: What it entails to have the best skateboard brand

Ten years ago, when I was a teenager, I had been yearning for a very long time to try out skateboarding but my dad was always not approving it since he always told me it was dangerous. My friends used to skate and it made me always feel left out because I couldn’t accompany them. The few times I did, I only sat the whole time watching them making me get bored. I lost friends at the end since all they could talk about was skateboarding. One evening, my dad comes home and together with my mum sits me down in the living room. I was scared thinking I had done something wrong but to my surprise, they had decided to buy me a beginner’s skateboard. This made me happy even though dad had decided it could be at the end of the week because he wanted to involve me in selecting it.

He decided that ordering it online was the best. We went through various skateboards in this reputable site and I can tell you for sure it was a hard decision to make since all of them looked pretty and attractive. What helped us to reach a decision was going through other customers feedbacks and reviews where we finally found the one. I was able to make friends again and was happy to try the sport.

The main reason why I have written this article today is because having gone through hard time deciding on which board to buy, it will be prudent if I share my knowledge on what the best skateboard entails. This will make it easy even if you are a parent buying a skateboard for your kid.

What is a good skateboard made of?

In a skateboard, every part of it is very important, therefore, make sure it is of high quality. This will ensure that it lasts for long and gives high performance. We will help you to easily find the best skateboard brand by giving you some few tips.

  • Authentic deck

Most decks have thin layers made of bamboo or maple made in a symmetrical shape. A good deck must be concave with its tail and nose angle facing upwards for you to perform tricks well. The best and high- quality skateboard is lightweight and durable to be able to stand various tricks. Poor skateboard deck is always heavier and thick or breaks easily. Legitimate decks often range from 30$ and above.

  • High quality wheels

The quality of the wheels will greatly determine how well you will be able to skateboard.  Best wheels are made of polyurethane and contains less additives. Plastic wheels are always dangerous and means poor performance.  To easily notice a high-quality wheel, make sure manufacturer’s name is labelled on it, the diameter should be in mm and its durometer also indicated.

  • Quality Bearings

Having the best deck and wheels can’t be enough without good bearings. Quality bearings means that the wheel is able to spin freely and immediately on the skateboard’s axle. In case dirt enters into them then you can remove them and clean easily. Poor quality bearing means that the wheel will not be able to spin well hence poor performance. It will also produce a harsh sound and can last for a short time.

  • Right trucks

These metal components are the axles on your skateboard and plays a huge role on how the board will turn, respond when skating and how it feels. They should come in right sizes and fit with the deck where the outer wheel edge aligns with the deck’s outer edge. Plastic trucks are often of a low quality and you should avoid them. In the case of metal trucks, it is wise to go with reputable brands with their names on the trucks.

  • Right grip tape

A good grip tape ensures that it is easy to stay on top of your board while skateboarding. Poor grip tape tends to lose its grip easily and it becomes hard to stay on top. For this, we recommend that you go for trusted brands that have more experience with skateboards. This works best if looking for an incomplete skateboard since a complete one already has it fixed but you can still pick reputable brands.

  • Expert assembling

Skateboards are always assembled by skaters. You can be able to adjust the trucks and ensure the wheels works perfectly before skateboarding. If you are a beginner, we advise that you seek the help of an expert to assemble it but if you can be able to buy a complete skateboard then it will be best for you.


To be able to easily recognize the best skateboard, it is important to have knowledge on several brands and also be willing to take risk with a brand if you think it is the best.  There are reviews that have been written on various skateboards and this can be the best way to help you find the perfect skateboard. If you are able to go over customers feedbacks, this will also greatly help in finding the right skateboard. Also, it is important that you always wear a skateboard helmet to avoid getting any form of head injury.